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Hoorah Ben is back at Preschool!!! We met Ben's teacher and she is very nice. His classroom has a lot of fun toys, puzzles and books. One of Ben's goals this year is to write his first and last name, and then he will get a library card.

March 6, 2007. Ben had a great report card from Preschool. We are going to Kindergarten screening on Monday. Matt and I have gone to the school and met the teachers and staff. Ben is going to have a lot of fun next year. :-)

Ben graduated Preschool on May 25, 2007. Nana, Tom, Grandma, Abbie, and Andrew joined us at the ceremony. The kids sang several songs before being given their diplomas. It was very cute.

September 5th, 2007. Ben started Kindergarten. Matt and I spent the day with him. His school has a first day celebration each year, and parents are welcome to join. Ben had a great day, and seemed to have no fears or worries about the bus or school. :-)

September 8th, 2007. Soccer started. Ben had his first game today. It was very hot and sticky, but he made it through. He was very tired and hungry after the game. :-)

November 16, 2007. Today was Horrible Hair Day. We had fun messing up Ben's hair.

February 15, 2008. 100 days of school.

June 13th, 2008. School field trip to the GE. Ben and his friend Denver had a great time.

September 3rd, 2008. First Day of First Grade. Ben said he had fun today. He likes his teacher Mr. Edwards.

March 10th, 2009. Ben was in a play at school- The Girl Who Cried Wolf. He played Villager 3.

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